Virtual Gateway Labs in San Jose, California  was formed in 2015 with a key focus on Software Defined Networks and Virtualization. The main focus of the VGL platform is open source in the broadband space.  Since its founding in July 2015, Virtual Gateway Labs has successfully developed and deployed a first generation Virtual Broadband Gateway (VBG) for broadband networks and is in the process of expanding the VBG platform for enterprise and multi-tenant deployments.

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Ecosystem Benefits

From every perspective along the way: Access Providers, Cloud Companies, and Residential & SMB end users all benefit from the wide variety of new, flexible options offered on VGL’s Virtual Broadband platform.

Fair Compensation

Network operators can offer new retail and wholesale services and realize OPEX savings and efficiency throughout.

Customer Experience

More choices, less intrusion, and altogether simpler user environment. A Higher customer satisfaction means reduced churn and flourishing user experiences.

“Our interest in the VGL solution has been to pursue technologies that would enable us to transition from our historical business model to a 21st century model. A next generation network that is able to continue to profitably deliver the communications services desired by our customers.”

Rich Redman

President, ATC Communication